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Hose Advisory Service

Hose Advisory Service

Hose Advisory Service

Our Hose Advisory Service, also known as HAS, helps you extend the life of your hoses and reduce maintenance costs.

What you can expect from the Hose Advisory Service:

  • Inspection of your hoses directly on site in your plant
  • Visual analysis of all hose systems
  • A summary of the general results and suggestions for improvement in the installation, inspection and selection of hoses.
  • A prioritized list of improvement recommendations for selected hose assemblies with replacement options
  • Preventive maintenance plans and hose inspection recommendations for your system
  • A hose register update or the creation of a new database, depending on your needs

What are the benefits of hose testing for your company?

  • Increased efficiency: Save time and resources and focus on more pressing issues.
  • Reduce maintenance costs: Avoid costs associated with continuously replacing the same problematic hoses, unplanned downtime and product waste.
  • Longer hose life: Save money by selecting and installing the right hose.
  • Maintenance Service: With a customized preventive maintenance plan, you can better predict when your systems need special attention.
  • Increased safety: Leak-free products keep your equipment and processes safe and reliable. This reduces the risk of injury and environmental damage.

Typical problems with hoses are:

damage to hoses

How do I know if my company needs a hose inspection?

  • We recommend every company to have an inspection carried out, as possible weak points are pointed out and you can save costs in the long term.
  • If you have the typical hose problems or need to replace your hoses too often.
  • You do not have a maintenance schedule.

Incorrect hose systems require time and resources that you could use differently. It is better to act preventively. Our Swagelok hose consulting can help. We have the tools and expertise to reduce your maintenance costs, extend the life of your hoses, and increase the safety of your equipment. Please feel free to contact us at any time.