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Hose series AH - a resistant hose connection for corrosive media

Do you need a hose that provides a reliable and safe connection in highly corrosive environments while allowing no permeation? The AH Series all-metal hoses are designed to reduce your maintenance costs and extend maintenance intervals, especially in chlorine or high sulfur applications. The AH series is ideal for the most demanding applications due to the use of Hastelloy (C-276).


  • Working pressures from vacuum to 1100 psig (76,4 bar)
  • Temperature from -325 bis 800˚F (-200 bis 426˚C)
  • Size range of 1/2" through 2"
  • Corrosion resistant all-metal hofe
  • Alloy C-276 annular convoluted core
  • Available with a variety of end connections (Alloy C-276 braid upon request)
  • C-276 braid and end connections available upon request
  • Fabrication of the desired length

Increased security

  • End connections welded in accordance with ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Section IX
  • additional protective covers optionally available (heat, thermal, armor protection, etc.)
  • optional additional tests such as He-leak test or hydrostatic test up to 1.5 times the maximum nominal pressure available including test certificate

Swagelok Schlauch AH-Serie

AH Schlauchserie

Application examples:

AH series hoses can be used as flexible connection, e.g. for

  • Sulfuric acid cooler
  • Pulp and paper industry (for pulping and bleaching tanks)
  • Equipment for sour gas applications
  • Flue gas desulfurization plants
  • Acetic acid production
  • Production of technically contaminated phosphoric acid

Reduce maintenance, increase safety, save costs!
If you have any questions about the AH hose series, please do not hesitate to contact our colleague Nils Böttger.
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