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Swagelok Leipzig | Berlin

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Idea and consulting

Assemblies or complete solutions, which precisely solve the respective challenge, rarely lie ready-designed in a drawer.
No matter whether you initially have only a first idea or a sketch of your system. Our team is at your disposal with its years of experience for the realization of your idea.

1. Idea: Discussion of your application and the general conditions

Schritt 1: Idee

  • Clarify requirements
  • Determine budgeting
  • Define special features
  • Single assembly or series product

2. Consulting: Joint elaboration of a high-performance solution

Schritt 2: Beratung

  • Uncovering of optimization potentials
  • First sketch of a solution
  • Design of the process technology
  • Selection of suitable Swagelok components
  • Determination of certificates and testing options

Trust our experts: We will develop the best possible solution for you.
Call us: 0341/945 471 0 or send us your inquiry by e-mail

Inquiry Consulting