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Swagelok Leipzig | Berlin

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

assembly manufacturing

Precision and accuracy

In our professional workshop we manufacture every complete system for you, from simple to complex. Our local proximity has the advantage for you that you can inspect your assembly at any time during the assembly phase. In addition, desired changes during the course of the project can be easily implemented.

When assembling e.g. sampling systems, highest accuracy is essential, because the better all components fit, the better the whole system works. Only systems that are absolutely leak-proof leave our premises. We guarantee this through precise quality control, e.g. a helium leak test.

We are happy to carry out the final inspection together with you on our premises. Because only when you are 100% satisfied, your assembly will be delivered.

4. Manufacturing: Assembly & test of the assembly

Schritt 4: Fertigung

  • Professional workshop and assembly
  • Trained and certified assemblers and processes
  • Continuous documentation of the manufacturing process
  • Including supplies and third-party products
  • Quality control: leakage, pressure and helium leakage tests
  • On-site customer acceptance, appropriate packaging & reliable delivery

5. Your product: Our quality and guarantee

Schritt 5: Kontrolle

  • Swagelok® Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Complete documentation according to Swagelok SQS and ISO 9001
  • Certificates & test reports
  • Final project review
  • Further standardization

If you have any questions or would like to arrange an initial project meeting, please contact our Custom Solutions team and get a personal impression of our assemblies and competencies.
Phone: 0341/945 471 0 or send us an e-mail:

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