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Energy Emission Survey

Energy Emission Survey

Energy Emission Survey

Improve the efficiency of your equipment. Our advice will help you reduce operating costs associated with gas leaks.
You get a detailed overview of the optimization needs in your system such as component failure, installation errors and incorrect product selection.

What does Energy Emission Survey mean and why should you have it done?

The performance of any system carrying a gaseous or liquid medium is often difficult to guarantee. Energy emission studies have been used as a means to point out leaks in gas systems.
These leaks are not only insidious, but also contribute significantly to operating costs and environmental impact. We can provide you with the manpower and resources to assist you in investigating the leaks in your system.
For safety reasons, we inspect the equipment or desired assemblies together with your maintenance, instrumentation or monitoring personnel and perform leak detection using our SNOOP® Leak Detector. Upon completion of the leak detection, you will receive a detailed report with all information on the connections tested and observations made. In addition, we will provide you with an optimisation proposal on how you can avoid the leaks found in the future.

What you can expect from the Energy Emission Survey:

  • Systematic testing of tubing for gaseous media, such as compressed air or inert gases, for leaks
  • Inspection of all fittings in the specified range, irrespective of make, plus pipe ends and instrument valve packings
  • Counting, marking and categorisation of leaks
  • Evaluation and calculation of media losses
  • Suggestions for optimization and elimination of leakages
  • Digital overview of the leakage points with pipeline or valve number

Swagelok as a competent partner:

Swagelok has conducted more than 350,000 leak tests worldwide at customers using Swagelok or other manufacturers' components. If you suspect that you have leaks in your system and don't know where to start, simply contact one of our representatives to schedule an on-site energy survey to test existing assemblies and connections.