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Corrosion resistance of products

Certainly you've faced the following question before :

Can the offered product be used for my medium argon, nitrogen, sulphuric acid...??

Our answer sounds quite diplomatic and looks similar in content as described below.

The corrosion resistance of a product always depends on the specific operating parameters of the application, such as pressure, temperature, solution concentration and process. This results in a multitude of possibilities. All these combinations have not been tested by us. For this reason, there is no Swagelok authorized resistance list.

Of course, we want to help you answer your question. And in this case, access publicly accessible documents that are also available to you.

Here is an example of an industrial manometer


The end connection and the stainless steel bourdon tube must be tested for resistance.

We have had good experience with a three-volume plant from the USA. It is published directly by Compass Publications under the names Chemical Resistance Guide for Elastomers, Chemical Resistance Guide for Plastics and Chemical Resistance Guide for Metals and Alloys.

From our point of view, this documentation is a good help for practice, but the final decision about the use of a material is always made by the user or system planner.